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Best Practices for Assuring SD-WAN Performance

Real-time Visibility for SD-WAN Deployments

Enterprises are increasingly leveraging cloud-based applications and embracing the mobility of a growing distributed workforce. As evolving business needs have dramatically expanded to include software as a service (SaaS) and cloud, the prospect of rising transport costs and suboptimal application performance is driving enterprises to move to wide area networks (WANs) that are software-defined, Internet-centric, and architected for optimal interconnection with cloud and external services. 

A software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) can help make enterprise networks cloud ready, more cost-efficient, and better suited to delivering quality digital experiences to customers and employees. However, ensuring that an SD-WAN delivers on expectations requires a modern approach to monitoring that addresses network visibility and application performance equally well. 

Simple edge-to-edge performance monitoring is no longer enough. Today’s IT and network operation teams need correlated visibility into underlay and overlay network metrics and paths, web servers, end-user experience, and application-layer performance, as well as Internet routing issues and traffic outages. ThousandEyes uniquely offers an unmatched set of vantage points to meet the full spectrum of planning and operational visibility needs to help you ensure WAN performance and empower the employee and customer digital experience.

Visualization of the Modern WAN

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Why Now for SD-WAN Monitoring?

Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud-based services, such as SaaS applications, which in turn increases reliance on the Internet to deliver WAN traffic. Use of traditional Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) services makes sub-optimal use of costly backhaul WAN bandwidth given that many critical applications and services are no longer internal. As a result, enterprises are migrating to hybrid WAN architectures and SD-WAN technology that combines direct Internet access (DIA), IP VPN tunnels, and traditional MPLS circuits.

Over the last several years, a robust market of SD-WAN vendors and managed SD-WAN providers has arisen to meet this need. Analysts predict that adoption of SD-WAN solutions and associated network monitoring capabilities will become nearly ubiquitous as enterprises refresh their branch office routers over time.


Comprehensive Visibility for WAN Transformation

ThousandEyes uniquely offers an unmatched set of vantage points to meet the full spectrum of planning and operational visibility needs for ensuring WAN performance correlated with overall network performance empowers the employee and customer digital experience. ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence is now natively embedded into Cisco SD-WAN Routing Platforms for end-to-end visibility from WAN edge to everywhere that matters to your business—so you can deliver optimal digital experience for every user to any application, over any network.

Enterprise Agents

Enterprise Agents are deployed in enterprise campuses, branch offices, hubs, virtual private clouds, and virtual networks to monitor WAN connectivity and cloud and SaaS applications. They provide visibility into underlay performance between SD-WAN nodes or to cloud-based security gateways, overlay performance and policy routing validation, and performance monitoring between branch and SaaS/internal applications offer a comprehensive monitoring solution.

Cloud Agents

Cloud Agents are pre-deployed and are connected to Tier 1, 2, and 3 ISPs, broadband service providers, and regional data centers of major cloud providers. Use Cloud Agents to compare ISP performance for branch and site connectivity, to baseline local SaaS application performance, or to evaluate reachability and customer digital experience over the Internet.

Internet Insights™

Internet Insights uses collective intelligence to detect Internet outages, and can be used to correlate WAN performance to macro Internet issues, to quickly communicate issues to customers, and to work with service providers for effective troubleshooting and problem remediation.

ThousandEyes SD-WAN Visibility in Action

Assure sound readiness audits, architecture planning and deployment, as well as efficient operations, with insight into end-to-end SD-WAN underlay and overlay performance with visibility from ThousandEyes.

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Why ThousandEyes?

Readiness Through Operations

Use performance metrics to make architecture decisions, select providers, establish SLAs, to identify roo​t causes and effectively resolve service performance issues.

Comprehensive Vantage Points

See from endpoint devices for remote workers, internal networks for branches, and regional Internet locations for rapid MTTI.

Multilayer Correlation

Understand underlay and overlay metrics such as jitter, latency and packet-loss, web servers, user experience, app-layer performance, as well as Internet outages.

Solution Brief

SD-WAN Monitoring

Learn how ThousandEyes helps you to adopt WANs that are software-defined, Internet-centric and architected for optimal secure interconnection with cloud and external services.

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