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SaaS Monitoring

Applications have moved to the cloud. Even traditionally on-premises applications, such as Microsoft Office, have transitioned into SaaS-based offerings. So, more organizations are relying on applications that are serviced from SaaS network infrastructure that they don’t own, connected over Internet networks that they don’t control. Regardless of who owns the application, IT still owns user experience. But ensuring a high-quality user experience can be challenging because of the complexity of the service delivery chain. With SaaS applications, users rely not only on the SaaS provider’s infrastructure but also on many external dependencies, such as DNS, ISPs, CDNs and DDoS protectors. All of these must be working seamlessly in order for users to have a good experience.

Traditional network monitoring tools using packet capture, flow data and SNMP don’t provide visibility outside an organization's boundaries. As such, legacy network monitoring products that employ these techniques do not provide adequate SaaS application visibility, nor do they combine together effectively across siloed data sets to offer a capable suite of SaaS monitoring tools.

SaaS Monitoring with ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes gives you powerful visibility into the delivery and performance of the SaaS applications your employees use, allowing you to quickly locate problems and reduce time spent troubleshooting with your providers. Monitor SaaS services from nearly 200 Cloud Agents located around the world as well as Enterprise Agents easily installed in your offices, data centers and call centers.

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How to Monitor Your SaaS Applications

ThousandEyes Enterprise Agents can be deployed in your data centers and branch offices to gain end-to-end visibility to all of your SaaS providers. For real user SaaS performance data, Endpoint Agents can be deployed on user devices. ThousandEyes pre-deployed Cloud Agents are also available in nearly 200 cities around the globe, providing independent vantage points for monitoring SaaS applications, so you can compare performance between enterprise and neutral locations and perform readiness planning. 

Gaining visibility into all of the dependencies involved in SaaS service delivery can accelerate issue resolution and ensure an exceptional user experience.


There's a Cloud-Sized Hole in Your Monitoring Stack

As investments in cloud ecosystems continue to skyrocket, enterprises are becoming aware of the critical limitations that exist in the cloud, most notably as it relates to SaaS application performance visibility.

Monitoring SaaS Apps with Endpoint Agents

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This Video Explains

  • How Endpoint Agents monitor application experience and network connectivity of SaaS apps, like Salesforce and Microsoft 365
  • How performance data is collected directly from employee laptops and desktops and aggregated for in-depth, real-time analysis
  • How to gather metrics on SaaS performance
  • How to report on aggregate performance for an app or location
  • How easy it is to troubleshoot both office and remote user environments

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Why ThousandEyes?

Reduce MTTR

Quickly pinpoint issues, identify responsible providers, and easily share event log data for fast troubleshooting and resolution of any issues

Improve User Experience

Detect and resolve SaaS performance issues before they impact user productivity, and get real user data to quickly address help desk tickets

Ensure SaaS Migration Success

Validate performance and success metrics before deployment and uncover issues that could lengthen SaaS rollout time

Start Monitoring Your SaaS Network

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