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Research Report

Internet Performance Report: COVID-19 Impact Edition

Understand How the Internet Responded to a Pandemic—And What It Means for Your Business

It has never been more critical for businesses to understand the availability and performance of the Internet and key application delivery networks, including those of public cloud, CDN, and DNS providers, as the world leans on the Internet more than ever before for work, schooling, and entertainment.

This measurements-based study charts the performance of those networks over time, this year examining the impact of COVID-19 on the health of global public networks.

Download this report to find out:

  • How the Internet 'held up' under unprecedented conditions brought on by COVID-19
  • Why all outages are not created equal and why more disruptions doesn't indicate systemic performance degradation
  • How macro traffic shifts impact Internet-related infrastructures
  • Regional availability and performance differences across ISP and cloud networks

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